“Hacking the Power” book

In 2019, through its Contemporary Art Mentoring Group project, NAMI organized the “Hacking the Power” course, which during 2020 and 2021, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, became a book. That meant that the group of only 15 artists from the course became thousands, and it was possible to share the knowledge acquired by NAMI in its 10 years of projects, as well as Panmela Castro’s experience as mentor to dozens of young people in her transformative projects.

As such, we added our knowledge to that of other collaborators, who prepared texts for a manual of guerrilla tactics for artists from the global South, addressing art and rights for girls and young women who dream of becoming artists and wish to live from their work, support their families, and rewrite art history to transform the future. “Hacking the Power: Guerrilla Tactics for Artists from the Global South” is therefore here to influence the arts and the world. The book launch is scheduled for 2022.